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Vision and goal

The best organizations are borne not just by the best systems, processes, or technologies. They are primarily the product of an excellent workforce – skilled, inspired, and driven towards a common goal. It is no easy task to oversee a well-oiled, smooth-running enterprise or operation, but it certainly helps to start with the right workers in the right places.

Matching appropriate professionals or workers to a given position demands not just a search for the most qualified of applicants, but assuring that the final choice will be a happy fit with the organizations seeking employ – and vice versa.

For over 30 years, Deltavir has been hard at work to create lasting relationships and mutually beneficial arrangements in many companies both here and abroad. Our recruitment model puts emphasis on both client need and applicant aspiration while giving on-time service at a reasonable cost.

Accredited and approved by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Deltavir has numerous satisfied clients in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

With our vast expertise at your disposal, we make it our business to understand your business and, along with it, your organizational staffing needs. Trust us to help you find the right people who will help the organization realize even greater heights.


About us

Founded in 1983 by visionary recruitment/human resources veterans Roberto E. O’Santos, Mario M. Almazora, and Dr. Oscar T. Naguit, Deltavir Overseas Job Placement and General Services, Inc. remains one of the country’s fastest growing and most progressive recruitment and staffing agencies.

Deltavir holds Philippine Overseas Employment (POEA) License No. POEA-564-LB-051304-R, and received its Top Performing Agency Award in 2005.

Deltavir conducts its business within the legal framework of the Department of Labor and Employment’s regulations, while adhering to its own company code of business ethics and practices.

Our offices are centrally located on the third floor of OJEN Building along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City – a premier municipality of eastern Metro Manila.

To cater to the needs of our clients in the south, Deltavir opened branches in strategic, commercial areas of the thriving metropolises of Cebu and Davao – making it easier for more people to avail of our top-notch services in Visayas and Mindanao, respectively.

In a rapidly evolving industry spurred by changes in communications technology and database management, Delavir keeps itself up to date by using only the latest and best practices to more adroitly respond to client needs. Underscoring all of this is an ingrained culture of service.


Our executives


Mario M. Almazora

Mr. Almazora has presided over the phenomenal growth of Deltavir from the outset of our endeavor, and carries with him the legal perspective and government linkages essential to running the business. He espouses the company thrust of putting utmost priority in the successful addressing of clients’ needs. Their success, in turn, will further enable Deltavir’s own progression and accomplishments.


Raymond O' Santos
Vice President / General Manager

Running a tight ship while empowering the members of Deltavir, Mr. O’Santos is a dynamic executive who remains committed to sustaining the service-oriented focus of the company. He believes that to stay ahead of the competition means keeping in step with best practices, as the organization stays true to the vision of its founders.



Deltavir has the distinct capability to expertly fill manpower needs anywhere in the world – deploying land-based workers after being thoroughly screened for technical competence, psychological well-being, and physical fitness.

The company's strict standards are uniformly applied to all candidates to ensure that the people recommended are the best qualified for a specific position. The stringent screening process as well as processing of documents take approximately forty-five (45) days. Deltavir is so confident about the quality of its hires that, if for any reason, a deployed worker is found to be unfit during the probationary period, the company will immediately undertake to send a replacement at no extra cost.

To date, Deltavir has already deployed thousands of workers in various occupations such as construction workers, hospital staff and technicians, telecommunication engineers and technicians, aircraft engineers and staff, printing staff, clerical and administrative, hotel workers/entertainers, computer engineers and programmers.

Deltavir is adept at handling any job category, and boasts a sterling record of efficiently and quickly handling even large-scale mobilization, with systematic procedures to reduce turnaround time and cope with any contingency.

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